There have been tons and tons of guns that have been created and developed throughout history, and their improvements, along with our technological advances, are truly impressive. In terms of choosing which one to use, many factors could be considered, such as purpose, price, weight, reliability, and accuracy, among others. While it’s easy to assume that the newer guns are more reliable and are therefore always picked out, that is not always true, and the Canadian Rangers know just that. That’s why their weapon of choice is the more than a century-old Lee-Enfiled Rifle, and it was a no-brainer.

The Canadian Rangers

The Canadian Armed Forces have a branch dedicated to the surveillance and protection of northern Canada, which was an isolated area. These men are called the Canadian Rangers: the experts in surviving the hazardous and extremely cold environments of the area that they are assigned. They also serve as the military presence in places that are so remote, it’s impossible for large-scale military forces to be deployed and sustained there long term.

2009 Canadian Rangers. (Photo by Wendy Gilmour, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

There are about 5,000 Canadian Rangers in total. They are distributed among the five Canadian Ranger patrol groups (CRPG), all working independently from each other, depending on their members and environment. These rangers are almost always on-duty, as they reside in their areas of operation and are always observant to ensure the survival of the small indigenous communities they live in, and they thrive in these modern times.

The Canadian Forces have been around since 1942, established in fear that the Japanese forces would attempt to invade North America through northern territories after the Pearl Harbor Attack in December 1941. Initially, the force was called the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers (PCMR), made up of volunteers who patrolled and protected the western coastlines of Canada, as well as calm the public fears of enemy invasion.