Monday, May 30 is Memorial Day, one of the commemorations that occurs as part of National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM). This year, instead of just “appreciating” the fallen and all the dedicated men and women who serve our nation in the military, let’s go an extra mile and think about helping them where they need it most.

In their wallets.

A recent survey conducted by Pioneer Services, a Division of MidCountry Bank that’s been providing financial services to military families for nearly 30 years, underscores just how compelling those economic needs can be. Pioneer has done surveys of military personnel for the past few years to coincide with NMAM; this year, we partnered with Military Spouse Magazine to focus on active-duty wives and husbands.

Here’s some of what the 400 respondents had to say:

– Around 70 percent are concerned – many “very concerned” – about dealing with financial emergencies. Twenty percent said they were totally unprepared for an emergency. In other words, one-fifth of those who safeguard our nation’s security feel insecure themselves.

– Seventy-five percent are “somewhat” or “very” concerned about long-term savings. Such wide-spread concern can only suggest that our military families would like to save but cannot. (Fortunately, 72.3 percent are saving as much or more than last year.)

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