Here’s what came across the Comms Check Portal to us during the past week.

//SOFREP Radio

I just discovered that you guys are still doing Sofrep Radio. I was subscribed to the old channel on iTunes from when you were doing it with Quinn. I had to search again for Sofrep. I’m stoked that you’re still in business, because I had been having some withdrawals!

– Scott

Hey Scott, you and a bunch of other folks have been pinging us hard about the show, and indeed we ARE still doing SOFREP Radio! We made some technology which required us to scrap our old iTunes account. The updated SOFREP Radio channel links directly to our iTunes channel, and our new episodes are available to you Android and PC users on our SOFREP YouTube Channel.

– Charlie

//Maybe a Fake?

I got a guy at work at swears he is former Ranger and Special Ops. He even has stickers on his car. But he’s dumb as a box of rocks and really fat. I call bullshit. How can I verify anything he is saying??

– Scott

Hey Scott, we get letters like this all the time. We have written about “How to Identify a Military Fake,” and we occasionally publish ‘Phony SEAL of the Week‘ courtesy of Don Shipley. Jack wrote his “Ode to the Uber SOF Faker,” and we were very proud to have participated in knocking out this Navy SEALs Charity scamDon has given some pretty good how-to info in “Stolen Valor & The Scourge of Navy SEAL Imposters: Part 2.”