From May 20th-21st, the 2017 annual GallantFew Raider Project transition seminar will be held in Dallas, Texas.

When you are in the military transition program they focus a lot on physical infrastructure. Over the past four years we have seen that it is more the “human infrastructure” that is the problem. We have found that when a person is healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually things like job, relationships, and overall life seem to fall into place. So this seminar is focusing on the person and giving that person the tools to be successful at life.”

-Nick Koumalatsos


Your transition plan is your azimuth. Straying a couple of degrees over a stretch of years can result in broken relationships, crushed dreams, financial ruin, lack of purpose, and despair. The longer you spend off-azimuth, the harder it is to get back – but it’s never impossible.

We are excited to offer a second seminar and we’ve rallied some of the brightest minds that have served our men and women in their transition process. We set out on a mission to bring people together and equip them with the necessary tools to transition successfully. This seminar is for any service member that is separating within two years, or a veteran that is still in a transitional period. GallantFew serves veterans in any branch from any era.

This event is for anyone who has served in the military past or present, as well as their family and friends.

Featured speakers include:

Nick Koumalatsos Director, Raider Project

Ali Gilbert  Founder, Metabolic Golf

Dr. Jim Richards Doctor, Author

Kirk Weisler  Chief Morale Officer

Jay Fain Director of Operations, DOI

Blayne Smith Executive Director, RWB

Garett Bischoff Chief Education Liaison, SDI

Karl Monger  Founder, Executive Director, GallantFew

Chris Frankel  Director of Programming TRX

Sean Silvera Owner, Baptiste Yoga

Dr. Cagan Randall  Founder, Cerebrum Health Center

Doc Ashby  Author, Patriot Heart Press

Also included will be a panel of US Marine Raiders and their wives, speaking on transition.

If interested in attending or sharing, please visit the Raider Project website or Facebook page.