If something doesn’t move that is supposed to then use WD-40. If that something moves and it isn’t supposed to, then use duct tape. Ever since MacGyver first aired back in the day, my eyes have been opened to the multitude of uses that it has if you think outside the box a little. In the Marine Corps we referred to it as riggers tape and yes we taped everything with that stuff.

Not too long ago I was showed an interesting tip from a former Navy SEAL. Part of his everyday EDC was his Streamlight flashlight. Wrapped around the barrel of the light was about a foot or two of 1″ wide gorilla duct tape. It’s an easy way to have some duct tape on you and doesn’t take up anymore valuable space in your pockets. I’ve honestly used mine a time or two since carrying it this way.

The below photo is the EDC of the former Navy SEAL mentioned above. Take a close look at the flashlight.

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Photo courtesy of kyledefoor.tumblr.com
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