Regret is always at the end. Looking back through history, you’ll see many instances when people’s warnings were ignored and disregarded. Perhaps because they were not convincing or logical enough, or maybe the warning sounded crazy. The results were disastrous historical events that could have been prevented if only they had believed these people.

#3: Georg Sieber Predicting the Munich Massacre

Georg Sieber was an established police psychologist who predicted the Palestinian terrorist plot during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. Olympics organizers hired him to forecast what could go wrong at the Munich games to give the organizers an idea of how strict or lax their security would be.

Sieber gave them 26 predictions. One of which was that there would be 12 Palestinians who would scale the fence of the Olympic wall and break into the building. They would take the Israeli athletes and coaches as hostages and kill one or two among them. He further said that the Palestinians would demand two things: their prisoners to be set free from Israeli jails and a plane escape back to the Middle East.

The Israeli flag flies at half-mast at Lod Airport in expectation of the arrival of the coffins of the Israeli athletes murdered by an Arab terrorist at the Munich Olympics. (Government Press Office (Israel)CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)