(Featured photo by Cpl. Taylor Morton)

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – Marines aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, to include the 12th Marine Corps District and Weapons Field Training Battalion, competed in the Depot Competition-In-Arms Program at Edson Range aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Jan. 29 through Feb. 12.

The DCIAP serves as the initial stage of identifying Marines and sailors with the essential skills and desire to become part of the MCRD Shooting Team. Marines who are selected to serve as part of the shooting team will represent the Depot at the upcoming Western Division Matches.

The DCIAP is composed of 10 days of intramural rifle and pistol marksmanship, both requiring slow and rapid fire from varying distances in the sitting, standing and prone positions.

“This is a service-weapon class competition where we fire at the 200-, the 300- and the 500-yard line with a slight variation in what you see in the annual rifle training,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Edward Brickert, a Marine gunner and the range gunner for Charlie Range, WFTB. As a gunner, Brickert is a weapons specialist who is knowledgeable in the tactical employment of all weaponry in Marine Corps arsenals.

Marines from around the area are selected by their respective commands to compete in the DCIAP based on their marksmanship scores and eagerness to participate.

Marines are not only given ample practice time for the competition, but they are also taught the principles of intermediate-level shooting and how to become more proficient marksmen.

“There’s a high level of knowledge I’m learning on a daily basis here; there is nothing I can compare it to,” said Sgt. Jesus Orozco, the Enhanced Area Canvasing chief for the 12th MCD.