The Marine Corps Combat Boot is on track to become the service’s standard-issue seabag boot.

As the service moves toward the boot’s Oct. 1 adoption date, Marine officials set out to dispel any confusion as to which boots Marines can wear in uniform.

Four brands, each with a temperate and hot-weather variant, were identified last week by Marine Corps Systems Command in Marine administrative message 117/16, along with the approved list of Danner Rugged All-Terrain boots.

Here’s a breakdown of Marines’ current authorized footwear, along with boot name and cost according to the brand’s website:

Marine Corps Combat Boots:
Danner style no. 26025 (temperate weather), Marine 8” Mojave GTX, $300
Danner style no. 26027 (hot weather), Marine 8” Mojave, $290
Belleville style no. 500 (TW), USMC Hot Weather Steel Toe Boot (EGA), $182
Belleville style no. 590 (HW), USMC Hot Weather Combat Boot (EGA), $171
McRae style no. 8286 (TW), Military Specification USMC Temperate Weather Boot, $163.95
McRae style no. 8187 (HW), Specification USMC Hot Weather Boot, $135.95
Bates style no. E50501 (TW), Lites USMC Durashocks® Boot, $229.95
Bates style no. E30501 (HW), USMC Durashocks® Hot Weather Boot, $249.95

Rugged all-terrain boots:
Danner style No. 15670X (HW), USMC RAT 8″ Mojave, $340
Danner style No. 15660X (TW), USMC RAT 8” Mojave GTX, $350


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