A Yuma, Arizona-based Marine AV-8B Harrier squadron will officially be redesignated Thursday as it welcomes brand-new F-35B Joint Strike Fighters.

Marine Attack Squadron 211 will be the second operational F-35B squadron for the Marine Corps, coming online 11 months after the service announced initial operating capability for the aircraft last July. It joins Yuma-based Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 in operating the fifth generation aircraft.

The Thursday ceremony will re-designate VMA-211 as Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 211. According to a news release from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, the squadron received its first two F-35B aircraft on May 9 — three days after it completed its final flights with the Harrier. Officials did not immediately respond to a request about when the remaining joint strike fighters made by Lockheed Martin Corp. would join the squadron.

At the same time, the unit will observe a change of command as outgoing commanding officer Lt. Col. William Maples passes authority to Lt. Col. Chad Vaughn.