As China continues to posture during Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, many are looking at Gen. Mark Milley’s previous warnings about China.

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, the US Military has been monitoring China for some time now. However, in just 60 days, multiple provocations happened mainly in the Asia Pacific Region.

We have previously reported in SOFREP that China had been called out for illegally intercepting routine maritime surveillance activity by Australian aircraft. As this issue has not been resolved, Australia and China remain at a diplomatic standstill.

“The message is the Chinese military, in the air and at sea, have become significantly more and noticeably more aggressive in this particular region,” said Milley, who recently asked his staff to compile details about interactions between China and the US and others in the region,” said Gen. Milley.

Milley’s predictions could come true as China had just positioned aggressive naval installations around Taiwan. The question is, will China act on their word, or is this their way of threatening global military powers?

Milley’s Connecting to China

Gen. Milley has been working on finding common ground with China since early this year. Last month, he made a phone call with his Chinese counterpart Li Zoucheng explaining the need for US and China to “responsibly manage the competition.”

According to Pentagon, their call covered discussions around growing tensions around global issues like Taiwan and Russia.

“Gen. Milley discussed the need to responsibly manage competition and maintain open lines of communication,” a spokesperson for Miley said in a statement.