The US Senate has approved a massive $40 billion budget to fund further aid for Ukraine. The bill, which garnered overwhelming support from both parties, is now in the White House to be signed by President Biden.

For weeks, the Biden administration has called for Congress and the Senate to expedite the approval process of the budget request. The Senate voted 86-11 in favor of the emergency funding, with all objections coming from Republican senators.

Strong bipartisan support for the bill underlines the recognition of both Republican and Democrat lawmakers to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia while refraining from sending US soldiers to fight.

“This is a large package, and it will meet the large needs of the Ukrainian people as they fight for their survival,” Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

Before the Senate, the bill first passed the House of Representatives on May 10th. The House voted to advance the budget with a 368-57 vote, with 149 Republicans along with all Democrat representatives voting in favor of the bill. There were 57 Republicans who opposed the aid package.

Biden said that approval of the spending bill would ensure that there would be no gaps in the US’ support for the Ukrainian war effort. He has expressed his gratitude to Congress in a White House statement.

“I applaud the Congress for sending a clear bipartisan message to the world that the people of the United States stand together with the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their democracy and freedom,” Biden said.

“The resources that I requested will allow us to send even more weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, replenish our own stockpile, and support US troops stationed on NATO territory,” he added.