Read part ONE here. An excerpt from the upcoming book, “Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide” by Brandon Webb and John David Mann:

Kamal told me that he had been terrified of water his whole life. A few times, when he was living in the Dominican Republic, he went kite-surfing. He always wore a life jacket, but that didn’t make any difference. He was still terrified. What would happen if he fell and hit the water? He told me stories about being out at his buddy Tim Ferriss’s house in the Hamptons. Tim has a big, beautiful pool in his backyard where people hang out, go swimming, and have a fantastic time — Kamal felt awful that he could never join in.

Kamal, I realized, hated the fact that he couldn’t swim. And it wasn’t as if he’d never tried to learn — he took courses and studied in online workshops. For a while, he lived in a building in San Francisco with the only heated outdoor Olympic pool in the city, and he brought in a private instructor. That hadn’t worked either. No matter what these various teachers tried, he couldn’t handle the feeling of his feet not touching bottom, and he would quickly reach the point of panic.

Now he was thinking about doing one of those immersion courses in Florida — or so he said. I noticed he kept putting it off.