Police in Mexico City disrupted a drug-trafficking operation in on May 28, capturing several suspects and uncovering a new, possibly positive development in the area’s drug trade.

After a shooting that left several people wounded at the southern edge of Tepito — a rough neighborhood known as a bastion of the Sante Muerte faith — 200 police officers were dispatched, shutting down streets and searching alleys and buildings in pursuit of suspects who fled the scene.

Raiding one nearby building, police apprehended 10 suspects — eight adults and two minors — and seized several black bags and UberEats backpacks, all full of marijuana, as well as several muffins that apparently had marijuana in them.

The alleged dealers reportedly operated in Tepito and used bicycles to distribute drugs in the upscale neighborhoods of Zona Rosa and Cuauhtemoc, including the popular Condesa district.


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Featured image courtesy of  Excelsior/Imagen TV