It use to be that if you had any variety of the AK47 rifle your choices of available stock and furniture options were very limited. That isn’t the case anymore and leading the charge in producing good looking and well built functional rail systems for the AK-47 has been Midwest Industries. The company has models to cover almost every model under the sun it would seem, including the Yugoslavian M70, Krinkov. Midwest Industries even went as far as to produce a extended length set of hand guards and a railed gas tube that features a M1913 style mounting system. The new Generation II rail systems offers users some changes over their older style rails.



Midwest Industries also offers their new M-Lok & KeyMod patterned generation II rails in an extended length variety. The extended length rails are 11.5″ long and tip the scales at 16 ounces. That’s roughly 9 ounces heavier and slightly longer than their standard length rails. There are a few quirks with the extended length gas systems and Midwest Industries says they are compatible with most AK-47 variants. The key phrase in that sentence is “most” the video that we have supplied from Midwest Industries does an excellent job laying out the things to look out for when considering purchasing the MI AK-47 Generation II rails. The company made sure with all versions and lengths of their new rail systems to include mounting points for quick disconnect sling mounts. This is a feature that is becoming an industry standard, but it’s still a nice bit of attention to consumers needs and wants.

The rails have a suggested manufacturers retail price ranging from $159.95 for the regular length M-Lok rails and $165.99 for the same rail but featuring the Key-Mod system. If you want the longer and heavier extended length rails they will run you $234.95 for the M-Lok and $244.95 for the KeyMod variant. It’s worth noting that all of the extended length rails come with Midwest Industries gas tubes designed to properly fit under the new top covers. This might account for the wide price difference between the regular and extended length rails in both patterns.


If you are looking to upgrade your AK-47 series rifle and want to give yourself the flexibility of having rail sections for accessories any of the midwest industries rails would be a solid purchase. These rails aren’t as sexy or rare as the ZenitCo family of Russian rail systems but they are 100% Made in America and are less than 1/2 the price of Russian rails. When you add American made to lower prices and no huge six month waiting list the Midwest Industries rails look like a much better option for consumers.

I happen to own a set of Zentico rails and hope to in the near future put them side by side up against the Midwest Industries rails and see who makes the better product. My initial thought process is that the available M-Lok system on the three and nine o’clock positions of the Midwest Industries rail will be much better on my hands than the Zenitco picatinny rail sections located in the same position. The available sling mounting option on the Midwest Industries rail will be a definite advantage when going up against the Russian rails. We have reached out to Midwest Industries to see if they are willing to help us with this classic clash of East meets West. Let’s cross our fingers and hope we have an AK-47 rail competition sometime soon.