Senior Airman Adrian Rivas, 8th Maintenance Group’s Weapons Standardization Section squadron lead crew member, was recognized as ‘Pride of the Pack’ for the week of Jan. 9-13, 2023.

Rivas was nominated by his leadership for his outstanding ability to lead amongst his peers and his keen eye for perfection. While out on the flight line, Rivas identified an aircraft with an unsafe condition that was about to fly. Without skipping a beat, he and his team swiftly worked to ensure the aircraft was returned to service. As a part of his daily duties, Rivas also trains other Airmen on the finer points of his job.

“I love getting to train and teach people [the basics on] how to load,” said Rivas “And then I can show people tips and tricks on what I was taught that makes loading a lot easier.”

In a recent outstanding showcase of innovation, Rivas assisted in locally fabricating an adapter to ensure there is an alternative air source that enables the aircraft gun to be loaded with 20mm ammo rapidly for the Wolf Pack’s rapid response missions. This tool is now installed in every weapons box on the flight line.
“It feels awesome receiving this award because I’m not really used to getting awards,” said Rivas. “It feels really good to be recognized, even though I was just doing my job, and a little recognition every now and then helps a lot.”