The military had tons and tons of military operations throughout the years. A few famous ones that we often hear about were Operation Overlord for the Battle of Normandy, Operation Red Dawn for Saddam Hussein’s capture, and Operation Barbarossa, which was the invasion of the Soviet Union. So it was essential to codify these operations, so they don’t compromise them.

Could you imagine if they called Operation Red Dawn something like “Operation Kill Saddam Hussein”? Have you ever wondered how the names of these operations were chosen?

Code Policy

In the US, military commands are assigned alphabet blocks from which they can choose two-word names. For instance, AA to AD, so they could choose Agile Dragon. The Navy, for example, had a set of rules on how the code words, nicknames, and exercise term system could be selected. One of them was:

Nicknames and exercise terms may not contain words that are in the following categories: