Hey Team Room, we’re looking for a talented military and political cartoonist to provide commentary, insights, humor and ‘made you think’ pieces on SOFREP.com.

You know us. We’re all about Special Operations and the things affecting the SOF community. We write about the serious side of News and Op-Ed, the histories and recollections of real operators, and the humor of No Shit There I Was… In the past year you’ve seen us cover social tragedies (Aurora and Sandy Hook), book releases (No Easy Day). mission analysis, and wrenching personal losses (Glen and Chris). Through it all we’ve maintained the SOFREP edge, dignity and perspective.

We’re looking for someone to create that same perspective in visual form.

While there are tons of known and syndicated folks out there, we’d like to meet up with a SOF vet who is good and looking to get established. So, if you know someone or have seen the work of someone with that SOFREP flair, please send us a note so we can follow up. And if it’s you (yes, YOU!) with the mad skills we seek, then please send us a sample.