We have shown several different wallet styles here on the Loadout Room. These two options are what work best for me. I’ve reviewed both the Blue Force Gear Wallet and the Chums Surf Wallet. Both are great options in my opinion depending on what your preferences are. I’ve tried a few other wallet designs in the past and none of them have worked for one reason or another.

First up is the Chums Surf Wallet

Minimalist Everyday Carry Wallet Options

This wallet has been my default go-to wallet for several months now. The smaller size forces me to only carry what I need (identification, debit card and business cards). The material has proven to be durable and shows little wear around the edges. The zippers have been flawless and keep the contents secure inside the wallet. The small size of this wallet disappears in your pocket whether you carry it in your back pocket for front pocket. The weight is extremely light making it ideal to throw in the pocket of your gym shorts or running shorts.