Minuteman is likely best known for their high-end watches, and if you’ve heard of them you likely know how much they do for the veteran community. Before we dive into the Adjutant knife I want to remind folks that Minuteman watches donates 25% of their annual profits to veteran charities, including the Gary Sinise Foundation, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and Fisher house. The Adjutant knife is the result of Minuteman and Former Ranger Justin Gingrich teaming up to make a high quality American made knife.

Looking at the Adjutant

The first thing that came to my mind was how simple the knife is. It’s a compact knife with a short and simple fixed blade. The simplicity is charming. It’s gentleman’s knife if you will. I really like my fixed blade knives and have taken to carrying a number of fixed blades as EDC knives. I really like the added strength of a fixed blade knife, and what’s often a larger more comfortable handle.

MinuteMan Adjutant Deluxe Review

What’s refreshing is the Adjutant’s size. The small blade makes it a short package. This is much more convenient for carrying purposes. I do still get the large thick grip I like from a fixed blade knife, and it’s a bit easier to carry.