In late June, defense contractor Mistral Inc. announced that production of the THOR VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) mini UAS (unmanned aerial system) had started.

Labeled as yet another battlefield game-changer, this fully autonomous “military mule features a substantial payload capacity and adaptability, promising to be a frontline workhorse for the US Army.

Mistral designed the THOR drone for the Army’s Medium Range Reconnaissance program, featuring a commercially available, cost-effective design made entirely in the United States.

Scheduled for a showcase at the “Edge 2024” experiment this September at Yuma Proving Grounds (September 16-17, 2024), THOR will undergo further evaluation during “Project Convergence Capstone 5” next year.

Mistral has confidently stated its capability to scale up production to meet any future US government demands for this innovative American-made UAS.

THOR VTOL: From Backpack to Battlefield in Minutes

Envision a potent, fully autonomous drone that folds neatly into a backpack and is ready for action within two minutes. This innovative reality defines THOR.

Gone are the days of cumbersome launch pads and lengthy setup times.

Soldiers can now rapidly deploy THOR for essential reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, or targeted operations with unparalleled speed and ease. This rapid deployment capability allows troops to respond swiftly to changing situations, securing a tactical advantage.