Are you looking for an affordable yet reliable semi-loading competition shotgun? Then check out Mossberg’s 940 Pro Tactical shotgun.

The leading American firearms manufacturer, Mossberg, released earlier this year the 940 series following its initial debut with the JM Pro Competition at the 2020 Shot Show. With the success of the upgrading and testing, Mossberg soon after unveiled variants, including the Waterfowl, turkey, and of course, the 940 Pro Tactical.

Evolution of the Mossberg 930

(Image source: Mossberg)

Zooming into the 940, Mossberg engineers design collaborated with champion shooters Jerry and Lena Miculek and used the 930 as its base platform. The Miculek’s, particularly Jerry, has been seen by Mossberg modifying his 930 models, which further sparked the inspiration for the tactical, semi-auto shotgun.

It features a new and improved clean-running gas-vent system that “allows faster, more reliable cycling at much greater cleaning intervals of up to 1,500 rounds,” according to Mossberg. With this, the platform now has “a new piston and sleeve that rides over the magazine tube, ” enabling handlers to clean the gun more efficiently.

Aside from that, the 940 is equipped with optic-ready, fiber optic sight and barrel clamp with M-LOK mounting slots, as well as an adjustable length of pull (LOP and drop at comb/cast), drilled and tapped receiver, and quick-empty magazine release. Not to mention its threaded barrel that can accommodate a silencer if a user chooses to add one as an accessory.

Here’s a quick overview of the Mossberg 940 technical specifications:

  • Gauge: 12
  • Action Type: Gas-operated, semi-auto
  • Chamber: 3-inches
  • Usage: Security
  • Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
  • Capacity: 7+1 (approximately 2.75-inch shotshells)
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Overall Length: 37.5 inches
  • LOP: Adjustable up to 14.25 inches
  • Sights: Front FO; Shield RSMc-style optic-ready
  • Choke: Accu-Choke System – Cylinder Bore Choke Installed
  • Barrel Finish: Matte Blue
  • Stock: Black Synthetic

As of writing, the 940 Pro Tactical is priced at $1,154.

However, one con of the 940 is that it cannot pump out a 1.75-inch “shorty” shotshells. Nevertheless, the overall feature of the Pro Tactical is a remarkable evolution and addition to the Mossberg shotgun family.

Enhanced gas-vent system

During his pre-production review, TFBTV’s James Reeves shared that the first 940 Pro version he saw had the same release as the 940 JM Pro, another competition model by Mossberg. But unlike the latter, the pro tactical version is “a little bit more streamlined,” which he thinks is “the right call for a tactical shotgun where slings and gear are going to be present.”

Reeves pointed out that “the most important upgrade from the 930 to the 940 is by far the updated gas system.”

“I mentioned previously the 930 gas system was not quite self-cleaning but Mossberg wanted to add a self-cleaning system as a feature for their next generation shotgun and that’s what they did with the 940,” he added. Because of this, the 940 gas system is a better, much faster tactical shotgun than the 930.

Reeves highlighted the gas system updated, calling it “the most important upgrade from the 930 to the 940.” (Screenshot from TFB TV/YouTube)

This new gas-vent system also allows the gun to cycle shotshells with reliability, thanks to the equipped nickel-boron coating to the gas piston, magazine tube, hammer, and sear—making it ideal for competition. Moreover, a buffer tube is now added to the slides over the outside of the magazine tube, keeping the moist and carbon build-up to a minimum.

Built-in micro red dot

Going back to Reeves’ review, aside from the standard high visibility fiber optic front sight, the 940 Pro is also outfitted with a built-in micro-dot cut. In addition, it is intentionally built for the Shield RSMc footprint, which is compatible with Holosun’s micro-optics, that can run on CR1632 batteries and automatically turns on as soon as you pick up the gun and shuts it off when you place it down—adding handiness to eliminating the threat in unforeseen dire situations.

For further insight and to see the result of Reeve’s torture test, check out the video below.

Another upgrade worth noting is the 940 Pro’s recoil spring, which slides over the magazine tube, and the stock system, which is “not flawed.” Though the cleaning process can be tricky since you have to “remove the buttstock with a screwdriver and typically unscrew another nut that holds a hydraulic cylinder in place,” Payton Miller explained in his review.

While 940 Pro has been specifically made for competition, it can nevertheless be an effective tool for personal protection and serve as a truck gun. It is also perfect for haunting, considering it is an auto-loader, giving you a reliable and pretty much capable shotgun.