Karen Vaughn — whose son, Navy SEAL Aaron Carson Vaughn, was killed in Aug. 2011 when his helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan — called for the U.S. to loosen its military rules of engagement.

“There is no adversary the U.S. military cannot defeat if we can unbind them from the restrictive, ludicrous rules of engagement they’ve been forced to fight under for the last seven years,” she said, in a speech making a case against President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

Since her son’s death, Vaughn hasn’t shied away from blasting the Obama administration for putting her son in danger. After Vice President Joe Biden publicly identified Navy SEAL Team Six as the group responsible for killing Osama bin Laden, Vaughn said her son told her, ‘Mom, there’s chatter, and all of our lives could be in danger, including yours.’” Three months after Bin Laden’s death, Vaughn’s son was killed.

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