If you’re like me and aren’t opposed to a little man bling, then you need to peruse the offerings from MTM Special Ops watches. The name says it all, with inspiration from the Special Ops community, these military timepieces feature exotic alloys, carbon fiber and a heavy dose of sex appeal. Last year at Shot Show, I found myself gravitating daily towards the MTM Special Ops watch booth and their stunning watch displays. Unfortunately for me, they were not handing out free samples. The Cobra model which instantly caught my eye is the biggest, baddest watch that MTM currently offers.

MTM Special Ops Watch | Cobra

While in the Ranger Regiment, I utilized the good ole Casio G-Shock like everyone else. It was a good durable watch at a low price point but it did nothing aesthetically for me. Once I left the military and was earning a decent salary, I wanted more of a statement piece. Like a Breitling Super Avenger. With Swiss blood in my veins and love for aviation, it made perfect sense. Or so I thought. It also costs a shit ton of money and I quickly found myself wearing it less and less as fears of damage or loss crept into my head. Since then, I’ve bounced around various watch manufacturers looking for what I consider the perfect time piece. A watch that performs all the functions I feel are necessary yet won’t break the bank and is both durable and good-looking.

MTM Special Ops Watch | Cobra
Subdued enough not to compromise your position

I settled on the Limited Edition MTM Cobra in a black DLC coating. This hefty time piece arrived in a tacti-cool Pelican style hard case and is individually numbered. The large 47.5mm case sculpted from a block of titanium is neither subtle, nor covert. In fact, it’s the largest watch I own. Although the MTM website states a weight of 7.1oz, my Cobra tipped the scales at 6.3oz after removing a few links from the bracelet. Removing metal links from a watch band typically involves a trip to the jeweler. Not the case with the titanium band from MTM. Link removal was a breeze with the supplied allen key taking me no more than 5 minutes to dial in the size.

MTM Special Ops Watch | Cobra
Classy enough for a dinner fundraiser

The MTM Special Ops Cobra is a great daily driver looking good in various environments. Subdued enough not to compromise your position in a tactical setting, yet classy enough to accompany you for a night on the town. MTM Special Ops offers not only DLC Black, but brushed silver and sandblasted gray for a more traditional look. Furthermore, there are 5 different watch faces and dozens of watch bands in several colors and textures to choose from. MTM Special Ops offer more than a dozen different models, all with their own unique look and specific functions. MTM actually has a watch that can detect Gamma radiation with a Geiger-Muller tube! Great for your next vacation in Chernobyl. Watches range in price from under $300 to almost $2000. For me, that’s the price-range sweet spot.

MTM Special Ops Watch | Cobra
Individually numbered

This mammoth watch has been comfortably on my left wrist for over a month now. It’s been banged around on the construction sites, spent time sub surface on a shipwreck dive, engaged in shooting sports, out to dinner and even bitten by my dog. The MTM Cobra is a large overt watch that will get some attention. If you’re looking for something more covert, take a look at the other offerings from MTM, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your needs. My addiction to watches may see the MTM Air Stryk 2 joining my ranks at some point.

MTM Special Ops Cobra specifications courtesy of specialopswatch.com

  • Highly Calibrated Japanese Quartz Chronograph With Alarm
  • Solid Titanium
  • Adjustable Links Are Connected With Allen Screws, Making Band Easy To Adjust With The Allen Key Supplied. Compatible with all other MTM bands 
  • Available in Brushed Silver, Sandblasted Grey and Black DLC Coating
  • Unidirectional, Ratcheting Bezel
  • Locking, Screw Down
  • Sapphire Crystal with Ultraviolet, Anti Reflective, Protective Coating
  • Carbon Fiber or Brass – Available in Black, Silver, Tan & Green Lumi Colors
  • Luminous (Super LumiNova)
  • 660 Feet / 200 Meters
  • 44.0 mm & 47.5 mm (Without Crown) x 15 & 15.5 mm (Thickness)
  • 6.6 oz (44.0 mm) & 7.1 oz. (47.50mm)
  • Manufacturer Rated At 3 Year Maximum
  • 3 Years
  • Each Watch Individually Numbered
  • Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Box

In conclusion, I’m very impressed with the overall construction and appearance of this time piece from MTM Special Ops. MTM’s attention to detail is superb along with their liberal use of high quality materials.  However, there are a few minor items I would address to elevate the MTM Cobra to a higher level of functionality. The luminous numbers and hands do not glow long enough to be readable after the sun goes down. As a result, you’re left completely in the dark regarding timekeeping. Tritium tubes or LED’s built into the face are available in other models to solve this problem and would be a welcome addition to the Cobra. Lastly, the locking crown is a bit large leaving a dent in the top of my hand. Minor gripes as my search for the “perfect” watch continue.


This article is courtesy of Erik Meisner from The Loadout Room.