MTM Tactical Mag Can overview

It is built like any other ammo can, but it’s wider and features foam cut outs to fit 15 magazines in a standing position. This model is made specifically for the AR style magazine, but models are available for the AK, single stack handgun magazines, and double stack handgun magazines. The MTM Tactical Mag can is easily stackable, and is almost perfectly square.

The box is a lot bigger than you’d picture and you get a healthy amount of room between magazines. You can easily insert and remove mags. The lid has two latches that snap close, and between and in the right and left of the latches have holes cut for locks.

MTM Tactical Mag Can
Double Latches and lock ready

Fits Just Right

What dictates if the MTM Tactical mag can is a winner or a loser is how the foam cuts work. Are they cut purely for mil-spec aluminum magazines? This would make them too tight for most polymer magazines. Are they cut short and the magazines easily work their way out? Then you’d have mags flopping around during transport.

The good news is the magazine cuts seem just right. I’ve fit Hexmags, Aluminum mags, Pmags, ETS mags, 2nd Amendment mags, Thermolds, Lancers, and more in the foam and they fit perfectly. The foam cuts are high enough to keep the mags secure as well.

MTM Tactical Mag Can
15 Standard AR mags, 1 5 round mag, and 5 Scorpion Magazines

This is certainly the easiest way to transport mags in bulk between home and the range. Especially if you’re like me and prefer to load before you go. If you’ll notice in my pictures I have fit a total of 22 magazines in the case. It;s a total of 15 standard AR magazines, 1 5 round magazine, and 6 Scorpion 9mm magazines. You can fit pistol magazines with ease between the rifle mags if you choose to maximize space.

Size Restrictions

If you are curious this thing is only made for 30 round magazines. Well, 32 for Daniel Defense magazines. Magpul 40 rounders are not compatible. The 5 rounds I have is a ten round mag permanently altered to five rounds, it’s just long enough to fit and be removed easily. Anything shorter than a 10 round magazine would be a bit short.

MTM Tactical Mag Can
Any Mag, in Any Configuration

Getting Organized.

To my wife’s chagrin, I’ve now bought another and figured I need to really fill it up to be useful. So more mag purchases are necessary. The MTM Tactical Mag Can is an excellent item for any man room or home armory. It’s also pretty affordable at around 20 bucks on Amazon. A perfect gift for the fellow gun lover.