The ongoing conflict in Myanmar remains overpowering as Amnesty International, a nonprofit organization that lobbies for human rights, stated that Myanmar junta troops are responsible for “committing war crimes” by planting landmines on a “massive scale” in the communities of Kayah (Karenni) State where they are confronting anti-coup fighters.

At least 20 villages and the trails leading to agricultural areas experienced destructive blows because the military deployed mines, which led to the deaths and injuries of several civilians.

Since May 2021, when the crisis in Kayah State was re-ignited amid the military coup, these locations have been at the forefront of hostilities between the military and Karenni armed groups. Amnesty International further stated that it had documented multiple cases in which military members had placed mines on the grounds of a church or in the surrounding area.

According to the human rights watch group, during a trip to the state of Kayah, which is located close to the border of Thailand, Amnesty researchers conducted interviews from June 25 to July 8 with landmine survivors, healthcare workers who had treated them, as well as other individuals participating in clearing efforts. The group interviewed about 43 people in Kayah State’s Demoso, Hpruso, and Loikaw Townships.