People often ask me, “What is the best first aid kit?” That depends on what you are doing. If what you are doing is shooting, getting shot at or at risk of trauma, the best first aid kit is the SHIELD from MyMedic. The Shield a small light one patient kit that goes on your belt or in your car. It is always available and quick to use. I wear one on my belt when I am teaching or running a range.

MyMedic calls the SHIELD the toughest First Aid Trauma Kit on the planet. It is designed to care for one person with life threatening injuries until definitive medical care is available.


  • Built by Hand in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Water Resistant


The Shield comes with MOLLE attachment bars which have a clever quick release lanyard. There is a strap which can route through the bars to attach the Shield to the back of an automobile headrest or any other solid object you want. Ready for any injury.

You can get your own MyMedic Shield HERE for $199.95

[1] Celox | 3 gram | Rapid Ribbon | Hemostatic Agent

[1]   R.A.T.S. Tourniquet® | Rapid Application Tourniquet System

[1]   Emergency Israeli Bandage |  4 in. | PerSys Medical®

[1]   FoxSeal® | Chest Seal | Celox®

[1]   NPA | Nasopharyngeal Airway | 28 French | Dynarex®

[1]   Decompression Needle

[1]   Survival Rescue Blanket | 84 in. x 55 in.

MyMedic Shield: Best trauma kit ever?

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[1]   NPA Lube | 2.7 gram | Dynarex®

[1]   EMT Shears | 5.5 in. | Dynarex®

[1]   Nitrile Gloves | Latex Free | Dynarex®

[1]   R.A.T.S.® Pouch | Made in U.S.A.

[1]   Fat Pack | Bag-Pouch |  Made in U.S.A.

* Items may be substituted for an equal or better item without notice on occasion.

This is some sophisticated medical gear which can cause harm if misused. You need to get first aid training before you can use this kit effectively. By ordering MyMedic First Aid Kits you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. MyMedic assumes no liability for their misuse.



The Rapid Application Tourniquet (R.A.T.S ) was new to me. RATS is a solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath combined with a unique locking mechanism make this a simple and incredibly fast tourniquet to apply to self or others.

The RATS is specifically designed to be applied under stress. The movements used to apply the tourniquet are big gross motor skills. It is much easier to use and train than other systems. The video below explains the system:



You can get your own MyMedic Shield HERE for $199.95

Due to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma MyMedic is receiving an unprecedented amount of orders and they are working at lightning speed to fill them. MyMedic turnaround time  is currently 7-14 days. Orders from Texas or Florida will be shipped immediately. MyMedic is getting orders out as soon as they possibly can.


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