German and American officials said the country is preparing to host one of the largest air deployment drills in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The goal is to show off strength and impress friends and enemies like Russia.

EuroNews reported that the Air Defender 23 drill will happen from June 12 to 23. Ten thousand (10,000) people and 250 planes from 25 countries will train to react to a simulated attack on a NATO partner country.

Refueling a NATO Boeing707-TCA from a HI ANG KC-135R during a refueling training mission from Geilenkirchen AB in September 1996. (Photo by RonaldV-tm via Wikimedia Commons)

The goal is to train, improve, and increase teamwork between the military forces of the different countries. There would be other planes, as well. These include Eurofighters, F-35 jets, and fighter-bomber A-10s.

About 100 planes are only coming from the United States. 

During the practice, participants would send these things to Europe. The air force says this would also happen first in a case involving an ally. An example would be if an enemy attacked a NATO country in Europe.

NATO Eyes Defending ‘Every Centimeter’ of its Territory

In a Deutsche Welle (D.W.) report, German Air Force Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz said that the country wants to show that NATO land is its red line and that it is ready to protect every inch of it.

But the top German general said the drill intended to show that Germany was taking a “defensive” stance toward Russia. As a response, he said they wouldn’t send any planes toward Kaliningrad.