In the months of fighting with the Russians, US-donated HIMARS have proven their worth as the war became its ultimate marketing platform. However, even though Ukrainians have retrieved hundreds of weapons and combat vehicles left by the Russians, they know how important HIMARS is in this war.

Back in August, Russia even claimed they were able to defeat HIMARS with pyramidal radar deflectors, but this was quickly debunked by Defense Expert Girish Linganna.

“In Ukraine, reports suggest troops are using Guided MLRS that adds on the use of GPS coordinates of the target and the inertial navigation system. This has devastated the Russians in Kherson, who have tried to move their supplies closer to civilian centers. This precision targeting in urban setup is where HIMARS shines.”

“They have deployed pyramidal radar deflectors. Although the Ukrainian soldiers can spot their targets with the naked eye, the missile system using radars and satellite imagery (also using specialized radars) cannot, by its design, locate a target. The system sees the entire stretch as one flat surface. Russians exploit a technical flaw in how HIMARS works to protect their supply line. “