The new year was barely out of the gates when Mother Nature decided to throw a tantrum that would etch itself into the annals of military mishaps.

The Gale That Toppled British Army’s Beast

Well, let me tell you, Tuesday (January 2) was no ordinary day down at the British Army Aviation Center in Hampshire.

I’ve seen my share of storms, but nothing quite like the wrath of Storm Henk.

This beast of nature came roaring through with winds that would’ve made even the bravest of us hold onto our hats, blowing at a hell-raising speed of 129 kilometers per hour (about 80 mph).

It was a spectacle, a real show of nature’s unforgiving might, as it toppled the latest Apache AH-64E attack helicopter.

Yes, you heard right. Brits’ frontline-ready bird got knocked off its perch like a drunken sailor.

The Irony of Readiness

This chopper, the revered AH-64E, it’s no ordinary bird.

It’s built tough, meant to stand up to the kind of conditions that would send shivers down the spines of lesser machines.