Before we even started writing this piece, the staff at SOFREP knew that compiling any “top ten” list of special operations forces would be met with strong opinions and allegations of leaving someone out. We acknowledge this upfront. Who is “the best” is a largely subjective call. And how exactly is one to accurately measure “eliteness”? Is that even a word? I’m not aware of any “eliteness” units of measure.

With these things in mind, we forge ahead with our “Top 10 Most Elite Special Operations Forces Units” list. They are in no particular order. We hope you enjoy it.


Special operations forces units are called elite warriors for a reason. There’s even a saying that “everybody can be a soldier, but not everyone can be in the special forces,” as these men (and women) are the epitome of military excellence, highlighting tactical prowess and unparalleled courage. These highly skilled warriors often operate in the shadows, undertaking high-risk missions that often remain undisclosed to the public. Whether combating terrorism, countering insurgency, conducting reconnaissance, or executing hostage rescues, special operations forces play a pivotal role in protecting a country’s interests at home and abroad. In this article, we unveil the Top 10 most elite units, highlighting their exceptional training, accomplishments, and contributions to global security.