The Sneaky Bags Nautilus is the latest system designed by Sneaky Bags for discrete concealed carry. The Nautilus bag is a mid-sized bag that is designed for more than just concealed carry of a handgun. The Nautilus bag is about the same size as an average backpack but works as a sling bag with three points of contact. Its large size allows it to easily fit and utilize a short barreled rifle, or AR/AK style pistol.


Nautilus Bags specs

The Nautilus is on the bigger side of sling bags but does offer a lot of space. The bag itself is 21 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 7 inches deep. It weighs almost three pounds and is made of tough and durable 1000D Nylon. The Sneaky Bags Nautilus pack has three pouches, the main one, a small forward pouch, and a semi-hidden pouch in the rear of the pack.

The main pouch is outfitted with a combination of both MOLLE and hook and loop internals. This allows you to attach almost anything to the pack, and organize and compartmentalize the pack. The front of the main pack is fitted with two mesh pockets for little gear, perfect for medical gear in my opinion. The rear pouch is outfitted entirely with hook and loop. This rear pouch is designed to be somewhat hidden and allow for the easy concealment of a handgun. The back pouch can be accessed from both sides with ease.


Comfort levels

The bag is designed to carry a bit of heft in it and is outfitted with a wide shoulder strap. The strap itself is well padded, which is a necessity if you start carrying heavy weight. The straps have six sections of padding running down it so it doesn’t dig into the shoulder. The back is also well padded, so your guns and gear aren’t poking and prodding you as you move and groove. Even when running with the bag bouncing it’s still comfortable, even with a full-sized handgun, two spare mags, a flashlight, rifle, and plate carrier.

Outfitting the Nautilus sling bag

You can tell Sneaky Bags as a manufacturer puts a lot of thought into their bags. The outside is designed to be as plain as possible and to disappear. There’s no external MOLLE, nothing crazy about the design that would give it away as a dedicated tactical pack. It’s plain, and that’s not a bad thing.

Once you open it up though, well, the sky’s the limit. The addition of both MOLLE and hook and loop webbing give you almost endless options to mount gear and carry guns. While it’s too large to fit a full sized rifle you can still pack a smaller fighting load in the bag. I’ve been running and gunning with a Kel Tec Sub 2000 as a review gun and it’s a perfect companion to this bag. The rifle in its folded position fits in the bag perfectly.

In the main pouch, in front of the gun, I can toss a Blue Force Gear Plateminus carrier with soft armor and be basically invisible. In the back I’ve tossed Blue Force Gear dapper organization bag pouch that attaches to the Hook and loop in the semi hidden pouch. This gives me 2 Magpul G 17 magazines on tap and a nice and powerful flashlight. I carry my CCW strongside OWB, but have packed a backup in the rear pouch. The backup being a Ruger LCR 9mm. This little revolver can share ammo with my normal CCW and the Kel Tec Sub 2000. Logistics win wars right?

Don’t forget your meds

The front pouch is super convenient for a mini medical kit. One of my favorites being the AMK Trauma Kit. I like keeping it in the front pouch because there are plenty of situations a medical kit is needed but a gun is not. This way I don’t have to reveal my rifle or extra mags to treat a scraped knee.

Thoughts on the Nautilus by Sneaky Bags

Due to state laws I cannot conceal carry a rifle in a bag. However, this is an invaluable kit to just keep in the car on long trips. Taking the tactical aspect out it would make an excellent vehicle kit with a little food, a little water, a small handgun stored in the rear pouch, top it off with road flares, a med kit, jumper cables, Fix a Flat, and all that good jazz and call it a day. The bag is designed to be innocuous, and it really is. In a vehicle, it’s still very well camouflaged.

The Nautilus by Sneaky Bags – review

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Nautilus cover

For unmarked police officers, it’s a great option to store tactical gear without getting an odd looks or drawing attention to the bag. It can also be left in a vehicle and will be an unlikely target for theft. For some in executive security, it’s a means to maintain a low profile while packing the necessary coms, med, and tactical gear to satisfy their mission demands.


Outside of tactical use of any kind it’s just a great bag. Great for students, mountain climbers, campers, etc. It’s well made, durable, and easy to effortlessly organize. Regardless of the application, the Nautilus is a great bag, and Sneaky Bags has another winner. You can get one here. Curious about the muzzle device on my Sub 2k? That’s from KAW Valley and you can get one here.


This article is courtesy of Travis Pike from The Arms Guide.