A Sailor and a multi-purpose canine from Naval Special Warfare Group One practice crevasse self-recovery techniques during austere high altitude environment training.

Naval Special Warfare Command is committed to its Sailors and the deliberate deployment of their tactical excellence, ethics, and leadership as the nation’s premier maritime special operations force supporting the National Defense Strategy. It is the maritime component of U.S. SOCOM and its mission is to provide maritime special operations forces to conduct full-spectrum operations, unilaterally or with partners, to support national objectives.

Multi-purpose Military Working Dogs are — you guessed it — trained to carry out multiple tasks. They are typically used by Special Operations personnel and are the undisputed kings of the canine battlefield. Typically referred to as Multi-Purpose Canines, or MPCs, these dogs can do everything a single- or multi-purpose dog can but in extreme and austere conditions. MPCs train alongside their special ops handlers and are used in parachute and rappel operations. They can don tactical vests, night vision or infrared cameras, and other specialized equipment. They are unflappable, resilient sidekicks.

In 2011, Navy SEALs were accompanied by a Military Working Dog named Cairo during Operation Neptune Spear, the operation to kill Osama bin Ladin in Pakistan.