Yesterday SOFREP Editor Jack Murphy published a previously unreported account of US Special Operations combat actions in Marjah, Afghanistan.

“Worse yet, command would not authorize fire support from a circling AC-130 gunship due to fears of collateral damage.  Recent events such as the hospital bombing in Kunduz probably resonate at command levels, but perhaps they should have been thinking more about another recent event, Benghazi, since their men on the ground faced the threat of being overrun.”

-SOFREP, read the entire article here.

The President officially ended US combat operations in Afghanistan in 2014 however, CIA and Special Operations have been conducting ground operations in the country since, and will likely be there for the foreseeable future. The question is, will this administration, and the next, give them the freedom to execute their mission. And most importantly, will the President finally develop a long term plan, one that is concise, so America and the Warfighter understand what the hell we’re still doing there. This is important because Afghanistan is a long game, just ask the Russians.

Below is the press release from Montana Congressman, and retired Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke. SOFREP is glad to see that core issues that hinder troops on the ground are being addressed by Zinke and others.


Photo: courtesy of FOX News

Press Release

Zinke Leads Coalition of Lawmakers Demanding Answers in Marjah