Editor’s Note: This piece was originally penned by SOFREP writer Frumentarius.

Be Prepared

What the hell is wrong with us? Seriously, what is happening to the fabric of our society? How do we explain the fact that a small fraction of a certain subset of our society—young, often socially isolated males—now find it to be a valid course of action to use a weapon to murder as many people as possible before turning the gun on themselves or perishing in a hail of police bullets? I have no idea. I have no answers.

I do not think “the availability of guns” is the answer, for one, though certainly it is one part of the possible solution. I do not think that the media’s tendency, at least in the past, to pore over and report on the various personality traits and manifestos of past shooters, thus bestowing on them sought-after infamy, is the whole answer, either. It probably plays into the phenomenon, though. A phenomenon I’m afraid isn’t going to end anytime soon, unfortunately.