Former F-16 pilot Nate “Buster” Jaros alerts us about a new fighter that is secretly being developed, but it appears to have lots of challenges.

There is a new fighter under development. In fact very little is known about this new asset as most of what is happening has been done under cover, and withheld from the public eye. Recently declassified documents have been located and what I’m about to report has never been heard before. This is said to be a possible next-generation fighter!

Before I reveal what this new fighter is, let’s take a look at what has been secretly emerging with its development process and highlight some of the important high points and low points that this fighter aircraft is facing.

Secret Fighter Testing

Reportedly, this new secret twin-engine aircraft is being developed by Lockheed. It was originally designed as a bomber-interceptor and actually never intended to be a fighter. Lockheed built it with weight savings and speed in mind, and it is actually far more advanced than any other modern counterparts. Once the initial model was finished, engineers quickly saw just how incredible this new technology would be, and gave the final design record-breaking agility and speed.