The M&P line is well-respected for a reason. Over the years, they have proven to be well-made and reliable duty-worthy weapons. I carry a Shield quite often, own an M&P9, and have owned several of the M&P products over the years, including a good little AR. 

The first handgun I ever loved was my dad’s Model 29 .357.

So, when it comes to Smith and Wesson, I’m far from a naysayer.

Initial Misgiving 

When Smith and Wesson announced that they’d be updating the M&P handguns, I was looking forward to it. However, when the pictures of the upgrades came across my desk, I was kinda underwhelmed. Granted, the guns looked cool, but at first glance it appeared that Smith had only added some stippling, slapped a M2.0 sticker on the package, and called it a new gun. 

With these misgivings, I decided to go ahead and give the new gun a chance. 

When the M2.0 arrived at my FFL, I was happy with how positive the grip texture felt. Still, as I headed to the range, I wondered if the difference would be notable enough to write about.