Do you own one of the AK family of rifles and think the trigger isn’t measuring up ? I was in the same position and decided my current Tapco G2 trigger wasn’t cutting it. That’s when I began to look into an AK Trigger upgrade. Right from the start I ran into issues like ; who’s trigger is best ? Do I want a drop in trigger kit instead of individual parts ? I also needed to make sure I complied with the requirement of the treaded 992(r) restrictions.

The Main Players

There are several big names and options I ran into in the AK 47 trigger game, and many of them are household names, some are not. Below Ive posted a list of some and wether or not they made the initial cut for my selection.

To be 100% transparent, CMC has not put their AK47 family of drop in triggers out to market at the time of this writing. That being said I had a chance to use one in a Saiga AK47 conversion at SHOT 2016 Industry Day and it was amazing, that is one of the big reasons it was on the list.

When I was considering my selection I honestly looked on the internet to see who had the best reputation and best install videos available. I have tried my hand at gunsmithing several times before and it generally ends in chaos and broken parts. You can understand my caution as I approached this project. Out of all of the ones I looked at ALG Defense and Geissele Automatics put out a video that made installing their trigger to be way too easy. They were the clear winner because partly of the video.


Removal of Trigger

There are thousands of videos on disassembling the AK47 trigger, one of the best ones is done by Nate Schultz and the link is included at the bottom of the article for reference. Word of caution that I don’t think anyone really stresses enough, the AK47 trigger spring is a coiled spring and it is a BITCH when it snaps you in the hand. Imagine a very small mouse trap, it got me twice and I was shocked at how much power that little spring has. After complete removal of the safety, and the entire fire control group you are ready to go and your gun should look something like this.