Do you own one of the AK family of rifles and think the trigger isn’t measuring up ? I was in the same position and decided my current Tapco G2 trigger wasn’t cutting it. That’s when I began to look into an AK Trigger upgrade. Right from the start I ran into issues like ; who’s trigger is best ? Do I want a drop in trigger kit instead of individual parts ? I also needed to make sure I complied with the requirement of the treaded 992(r) restrictions.

The Main Players

There are several big names and options I ran into in the AK 47 trigger game, and many of them are household names, some are not. Below Ive posted a list of some and wether or not they made the initial cut for my selection.

To be 100% transparent, CMC has not put their AK47 family of drop in triggers out to market at the time of this writing. That being said I had a chance to use one in a Saiga AK47 conversion at SHOT 2016 Industry Day and it was amazing, that is one of the big reasons it was on the list.