Unlike the attention-grabbing Chinese spy balloon, which garnered sensationalized media coverage earlier this year, this recently uncovered espionage incident is causing even greater alarm among authorities.

As millions of American watch the dramatic shot down of the spy balloon that was reportedly equipped with surveillance and believed to be an equipment part of China’s intelligence-gathering program, US Intelligence agencies and tech giant Microsoft found an unknown computer code stealthily traversing over telecommunication systems in Guam. It also appears to be weaving through other network locations across the state.

Microsoft released a detailed report last week, determining that a hacking group associated with the Chinese government installed the mysterious code that aimed to target American critical infrastructure organizations, subsequently causing significant concern.

The report noted that a group called “Volt Typhoon” is responsible for the cyberattack, a known state-sponsored Chinese hacker that generally focuses on espionage and information-gathering initiatives. Based on the assessment of the tech giant, the group appears to be pursuing a potential to “disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the United States and Asia region during future crises.”