Yankee Hill & Machine released their newest offering the Nitro 30 Suppressor here at SHOT Show 2017 and I can say from looking at it first hand its impressive. The suppressor is full auto rated to handle all calibers from .17 HMR all the way to .300 Ultra Mag but that’s just the start of all the excitement around this particular suppressor. In this model YHM staff have designed it to appeal to two distinct user groups: Sport Shooters and Professional Tactical Shooters such as Law Enforcement and Military user groups.


What we were shown and told by the Yankee Hill & Machine staff at their SHOT Show booth, the Nitro 30 has two sets of end caps and front cap adapters that a user can select. The kits comes standard with two front caps for the unit, the first one we noticed is flat for military and law enforcement users that minimizes lateral blast while firing. The second cap is what the staff referred to as a “Break Cap” and features a sort of muzzle brake, which is designed with sport shooters in mind. The kits also come with two different end caps for the unit. One is set up to use the YHM quick connect system that current or past YHM owners are familiar with and the other cap is set with 5/8″x24 or 1/2″x28 thread pitch.


The modularity and marketing of this suppressor to two different user groups will pay off well for the team at Yankee Hill & Machine. If this can is built anywhere near as well as my model 3100 suppressor than it is well worth the expected  pricing of $890 that’s before the $200 Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearm& Explosive Tax Stamp fee is added in. The released specifications for the Yankee Hill & Machine Nitro 30 are listed below. There is a ton of buzz around SHOT Show this year about the possibility of suppressors being removed from the National Firearms Act list, which would be a huge event for suppressor builders across the country. IF that happens I can almost promise that the factory at YHM will be swamped for orders of this suppressor.

Specifications for YHM Nitro 30 

  • Weight 18.2 -20.2 Oz
  • Diameter 1.562″
  • Length 6.93- 7.75″
  • 135db (.308 Winchester)
  • Two end caps
  • Two front caps
  • Two assembly wrenches
  • Plastic case
  • One Basofil heat pouch
  • MSRP $890
  • Three Available mount styles
Image Courtesy:YHM.net

There are still a few more days left for SHOT Show 2017, we have our full staff of people running all over the floor of the show trying to interview manufacturers, gunsmiths and industry big wigs, all while trying to staff social media. If you have questions about this product or any others we have shown you from the show, just drop us an email or comment in the area below any post. It may take a little while to respond because we are up and running from 6AM to midnight every night so far.