I hate this holster. That’s my first thought on day one of carrying the No-Print Wonder with my Walther PPS M1. It was poking me, rubbing me wrong, and generally uncomfortable. It’s not my first IWB holster, and I hadn’t had this issue before. I wasn’t sure if I was wearing it wrong, or what. So I shelved it, for about a month. Then I lost about 35 pounds (and aiming to lose more) and I tried the holster again. This time it was completely different. Was it the weight loss? Maybe, but maybe it’s my looser pants, or maybe I was just wearing it wrong the first few times. Whatever happened made the No-Print Wonder now one of my favorite IWB holster.

The No-Print Wonder?

It’s pretty easy to figure out the main selling point of the No-Print Wonder; it’s not supposed to print. I personally don’t typically worry about printing, but I’m also 6 foot 5 inches tall. Even the largest guns don’t give me issues. Those that have issues are people like my wife, all 5 foot 10 inches and 120 pounds of her. Her hiding a gun is a lot different from me hiding a gun. The No-Print Holster is made for them, and it works. On me, it’s absolutely invisible and even disappears on my wife.

The No-Print Wonder By Clinger Holsters

The design is what makes it fascinating. It’s not a hybrid, or at least not a hybrid you’d recognize. It’s also not your standard IWB kydex design. The No-Print Wonder is unique unto itself, and it incorporates some of the best features of both hybrids and standard IWB holsters. The main holster is entirely kydex and there is a leather wing that features a clip. The Kydex is molded entirely around the gun, and it features an aggressive and effective sweat guard. Trust me, I live in Florida, and it’s August, and my gun is one of the few things that is still dry after 5 minutes outside.

The No-Print Wonder By Clinger Holsters
Hidden easily, even under an Oakley shirt


So the key behind the No-Print Wonder is the belt clip design. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before. One’s a lot higher than the other. The higher clip is attached to a leather tab. This gives it a little leeway to move and adjust to your body. This higher tab helps keep the gun clinging to the body, which aids in its extreme concealment. That little leeway also seems to increase the comfort of carrying the gun.

The No-Print Wonder By Clinger Holsters


While the gun is clung to the body it’s not difficult to rip and grip. The grip of your gun is easy to access, and the No-Print Wonder holster retains the weapon but lets it go with a little-applied force. My Walther PPS is a small gun, but does offer a wide and long grip. Drawing, and engaging isn’t an issue as long as you don’t have issues defeating your cover garment. You can adjust the passive retention to be tighter or looser depending on your gun. I haven’t had the need to adjust the tension. You can also adjust the cant of the holster to help present the gun a bit better for you, and you can make some minor adjustments to how high the holster rides.

The No-Print Wonder By Clinger Holsters

I do appreciate the ability to customize how the holster rides, but I haven’t had to make any adjustments personally.


The comfort factor has greatly improved since day 1. Now, after a month or so of use, I can forget the No-Print Wonder is on my hip. It’s thin and light, and after carrying my CZ P09 with a Streamlight TLR-1, the Walther PPS is nothing to me. With the No-Print Wonder carrying the gun is comfortable in any position, including being squeezed into a tiny vehicle, or an office chair. I can wear it day in and day out, I can nap with it on, and forget until I have a gun until I take a shower

Worth a Look?

The No-Print Wonder comes in two generations, and certain weapons are exclusive to generations. This is the Generation or Version 1 holster. I’m really, really, glad I gave it a second chance. If I hadn’t I would have been missing out on a great holster, and a great means of deep concealment. Check ’em out here.


This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.