The Pentagon is refusing to disclose when U.S. troops are wounded by Islamic State forces in Syria, suggesting that doing so could “provide information to the enemy that might be helpful.”

Defense Department spokesman Peter Cook has repeatedly balked at questions about reports that four American troops were injured there on June 9. He did so again Tuesday, citing a policy to not acknowledge such incidents.

It’s an apparent reversal from only three weeks prior, when military officials publicized that two Americans had be injured as a result of by ISIS activity — one in Syria, the other in Iraq.

News of the June 9 incident was first reported by CNN. Citing anonymous Pentagon sources, the networked reported that four U.S. troops were injured by an anti-tank round that exploded a vehicle near their position. CNN reported at the time that the four unidentified personnel suffered light shrapnel wounds and may have returned to duty.

“We provide information with regard, of course, to casualties,” Cook said Tuesday. “But for a variety of reasons, we do not provide information on wounded service members, and we’re going to continue to stick to that, again, because we don’t want to provide information to the enemy that might be helpful.”

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