The NW Alpine Belay Jacket is a compressible and very comfortable synthetic-fill jacket built for cold and damp environments. What’s intriguing about this jacket is the apparent design quality and the company’s manufacturing location. NW Alpine began in 2010, and has since continued to produce top-quality alpine gear, cut and sewn in Portland, Oregon. It is very rare to find a quality U.S.-manufactured synthetic jacket capable of competing with the big producers in the outdoor industry. As it stands, it appears NW Alpine is sticking a foot into the industry’s doorway.

You can read more about NW Alpine’s history and vision here.

My goal is to give a quick first impression 0f the fit and features of this jacket, with a full review to follow in the coming weeks.

Colors available: Glacier Blue

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Sizes available: S-XL

Weight: The listed weight of a medium is 21 ounces. I confirmed this on my personal scale to be 20.88 ounces.

In a market where companies are boasting lighter and lighter weights for their products, integrity has slipped, with many posting numbers that aren’t accurate. If a company is not truthful about the weight of the product, what other aspects of the product’s performance are they not telling the consumer? It is refreshing to see NW Alpine post a weight that is rounded up instead of down.