The Afghan government has detained three relatives of the Afghan-American man accused of detonating bombs in New York and New Jersey as part of an investigation into the incident, an Afghan official said Thursday.

Gen. Mohammad Asif Jabarkhail, commander of the border police at Kabul International Airport, said three relatives of Ahmad Khan Rahami — his mother Najiba Rahami, brother Qassim Rahami and his brother’s wife, Marwa Rahami — were deported from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

“The intelligence of the Ministry of Interior contacted us and asked if these people had arrived to Kabul,” he said. “The ministry asked us to hand over these people to them as soon as they arrived and said they wanted to investigate them.”

They had flown to Dubai from Kandahar airport, in southern Afghanistan, he said, before being sent to Kabul. After arriving back in Afghanistan, the women were sent to a government safe house and the son was taken for questioning, he said.

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Image courtesy of AP