Will these seven steps end the threat of radical Islam? Not immediately. But to start, “We The People” must hire a commander-in-chief as courageous as the soldiers, sailors, Airmen, Guardsmen and Marines who volunteered to protect us all.

1. Define the Enemy: radical Islamists waging war against us.

2. Define Victory: No safe havens – anywhere – for those waging war against us. This doesn’t require landing the 1st Marine Division or the 82nd Airborne in Syria but it will oblige our next president to directly arm the Kurds and build a coalition of Sunni Arabs [e.g., Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, UAE & Saudi funding] to destroy ISIS in Syria. Without a safe haven to recruit, train and transmit vicious propaganda, suicidal jihad will become much less attractive.

3. Reinvigorate the CIA and DIA to collect human intelligence overseas. Here at home Encourage task forces like those created by former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in the NYPD to penetrate radical Islamist organizations.