The Ukrainian Forces have been known to be individuals who do not just sit and wait for the fight to come to them. They actively seek them out. One of the units sneaking in and out of reach of Russian armored formations is the Carpathian Sich Battalion, a volunteer unit deployed on the frontlines somewhere in the city of Izyum.

“We are shifting from defense to offense. Forces around us are already moving ahead,” Carpathian Sich Battalion Deputy Commander Rusyn said to The Wall Street Journal. “We are getting ready to push them all the way to the border.”

In the city of Izyum, the fighting has been reported to be fierce and at very close ranges. It’s not uncommon to see close-quarter fighting on this front, with Ukrainian and Russian troops frequently obtaining glimpses of one another as they take up more advantageous positions.

This is quite new to both parties. If you’ve been watching and monitoring the Russo-Ukrainian War, most of the fighting has been done from a distance, with the Russians launching precision-guided missiles and artillery fire at the Ukrainian fortified positions. While Ukraine also has shelled Russian positions, it’s mostly been known to use its Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones to attack Russian forces effectively. More so, the Ukrainians have made great use of their western-supplied anti-tank and anti-armor systems.