She was just 15. Her alleged crime: Helping a neighbor and her boyfriend elope.
For that, she was dragged from her home, injected with sedatives, strangled, tied up in a van and then burned, Pakistani officials said. More than a dozen people have been arrested in the brutal and barbaric killing, including the mother of the victim, according to police in Abbottabad, in Pakistan’s northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
They said the death was a so-called honor killing ordered by a tribal council. CNN does not use that description for these types of slayings. “The order came after Ambreen’s neighbor, Saima, had eloped with her boyfriend on the 22nd of April,” police Officer Khurram Rasheed said.
The girl’s killing was ordered by a 15-member tribal council, or Jirga, which gathered to investigate the elopement, the officer said. Some of those council members then carried out the killing, he said. Police said some also happened to be family members of the girl who had eloped. Ambreen was kidnapped, strangled with ropes and tied to the back seat of a van and then the van was set on fire, police said. The girl’s charred skeleton was found April 29.
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