Running from one booth to another at SHOT show felt a bit like being in a room full of golden treasure, but only being allowed to pick three items.  Appointments don’t leave a lot of time for free roaming, but now and then I found myself with a few minutes to spare.  Such was the afternoon I was running by Pantac USA’s booth.  I saw Jason standing by, ready to demonstrate the Slingshot bag.  I checked my watch and told him I had time for the 1-minute pitch.  After seeing what it was and what it did, I needed to get my hands on one for T&E.  I’ve had my hands on one for a while now, here’s what I think.

The Slingshot is a messenger style single-strap sling bag, with compartments for both an armor plate and a concealed pistol.  The armor pocket is listed at 10″x 12″, but I was able to fit my 10″ x 13″ Crye Precision soft armor plate that came in the premium Crate Club in either the armor pocket or interior laptop pocket.  The quick-draw pistol compartment is designed for handguns that will fit in a 9″ x 6″ box, though it states on Pantac’s website larger guns (such as a Desert Eagle) will fit, though at a significant speed penalty when drawing.  Of course there’s plenty of space for the less fun items as well, with a large main compartment and an internal organizer for the smaller items.

Pantac PDG Slingshot CCW Bag | Review

The beauty here isn’t just having pockets for an armor insert and a handgun, it’s how the Slingshot transforms into both a quick-draw holster and a front plate carrier.