Once a year or so, a company comes out with a new product that is all the rave.  Soon, three or four other companies are producing their own version and we see many new builds using that product pop up all over the interwebs.  Such was the case with PDW styled stocks.  PDW (for personal defense weapon) is usually used to describe either a design type of firearms used when space is at a minimum, or a modification to an existing platform using size reduction parts like a short barrel and micro stock.  The HK Mp7 and FN P90 are some of the most well known PDW firearms out there.

Now we have PDW stocks  coming out for the AR15.  While there is some debate as to which came out first, there is no doubt they have gained popularity and can be seen on many rifles around the nation. Some advantages: they’re very short when collapsed and have badass looks.  The disadvantages: poor-to-no cheek weld, can interfere with BAD levers and use of proprietary parts.

To take a look at some of the different offerings out there, I rounded up PDW stocks from three different manufacturers.  I’ll compare and contrast the stocks from a features standpoint and discuss ease of installation.  I was able to find a Northeastern Arms Compact Carbine Stock (NEA CCS), a Safety Harbor Kompact Entry Stock (KES) and a MVB industries ARC stock.

Now on to the tale of the tape.  The CCS is a simple four piece affair, consisting of the buffer spring, stock assembly, shortened buffer tube and a bolt carrier which has the buffer permanently affixed.  This is a two position stock and features “grip-n-rip”: essentially you can grab the closed stock and pull it open without needing to manipulate a release button.  The CCS is the only stock out of the three of these to feature this, even if you were to compare it to the two-position stocks from the other manufacturers.  This stock adds 4.5″ to the receiver when collapsed and 8.5″ when extended.  The CCS weighs 2 lbs.  There is a quick-detach (QD) sling port in the rear of the stock housing.  This stock retails for $319.99 at Brownells.