Not long ago I made a company profile article about a newcomer to the tactical industry, Pekan Outdoor. This new Canadian company hits the market with a range of tactical belts to start off with. I am lucky to have been given a [VIKTA]-DR. I needed a replacement for my aging LBT riggers belt which had began to fray in many places. I run a rigger’s belt straight on my combat pants depending on the task at hand.

Pekan [VIKTA]-DR Riggers Belt | Review

The VIKTA is a 1.75 inch double layer 4088 Type 13 nylon webbing with a layer of Mil Spec 17337 Nylon webbing IR sandwiched in between. Held together with 4 rows of Mil-Spec #69 nylon bonded thread on the whole length making this a solid belt while giving it a good amount of stiffness for use in a MOLLE sleeve. Featured in the center the belt uses the well-known and trusted Austri-Alpin Original Cobra buckle. Where the Pekan VIKTA improves a lot over other brands, is the fact that instead of using some sort of industrial D-Ring for the extraction attachment, the VIKTA uses a genuine Austri-Alpin 1.75” D-Ring.

Pekan [VIKTA]-DR Riggers Belt | Review
Austri Alpin D-Ring

The VIKTA is also available with the interior of the belt lined with velcro, so you can use a velcro inner belt on your pants and simply attach the riggers belt itself to the velcro pad giving you a solid setup that doesn’t move around when you are on the move. If there was one thing I wish I would have had on my belt it would have been this feature. While the MOLLE belt sleeve gives me more real estate for various pouches, I don’t have that much need for extra carrying. Most of the time I will simply run a dump pouch and an IFAK on my belt. Pekan only uses genuine Velcro material on their belt, so if it is as grippy as the hooks and loops on the adjustable end of the belt, expect to use a pry bar to take off that belt.

So far I have limited use of this belt in the field, but I have used it so far during 2  field exercises. During one of these exercises I clipped a PRL on the Austri-Alpin D-Ring to extract a simulated casualty from a building. The belt held just as it is supposed to. The belts are hand-made as of now but the stitching is beautiful made. Unless you have OCD and are obsessed with a regular sewing pattern, the slightly different stitches should not bother you nor do they affect overall integrity of the belt. Again these materials are rated way above any actual use you may put them through!

Pekan [VIKTA]-DR Riggers Belt | Review

Right now the VIKTA is available in OD Green, Coyote 499, Foliage and Black. Ranging from size S to XXXL. MSRP is at a very reasonable 105$ CAD which converts to roughly to 80$ USD, which is on par with the big players of the tactical industry and that is with higher quality parts such as the Austri-Alpin D-Ring as mentioned earlier. It is also worth mentioning again that every Pekan belt are Berry Compliant, 100%hand made in Canada so you know this is not some overpriced Chinese nylon.

Pekan [VIKTA]-DR Riggers Belt | Review

Also available for those who have no need for a D-Ring setup is the VIKTA-SH which is the same durable construction while doing away with the D-Ring making it a lighter belt. Review for the VIKTA-SH is coming in the next few weeks.

Pekan website is still under construction but you can reach them over their Facebook page at Pekan Outdoor. They will gladly take your orders this way until the website is done.


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