The Pentagon released video clips from 10-year-old Al Qaeda propaganda on Friday to justify the weekend raid by Navy SEAL Team 6 in Yemen in which “almost everything went wrong.”

US Central Command uploaded video it said was seized from a computer during the operation, which featured a masked man teaching “would-be terrorists” how to build bombs.

Shortly after this article was published, however, the videos were removed from the Pentagon’s image and video distribution site. According to CNN’s Jim Sciutto, CENTCOM said it mistakenly uploaded old videos that weren’t from the Yemen raid.

The Associated Press reported that the videos were made public about 10 years ago. A Pentagon spokesman said the video was indeed found in Yemen but told reporters it “does not matter” when the video was made.

It’s not yet clear whether CENTCOM would release newer videos found in the raid. A spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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